18 June 2011

Chozo Chorizo

The Chozo are an ancient race of bird-people responsible for the technology and training that make Samus Aran space's most famous bounty hunter.  Chorizo is a spicy, pepper-based Spanish sausage with regional variations in Latin America.  Is this a version of chorizo made by Chozo, or out of Chozo (which I imagine would have a taste somewhere between pork and chicken)?  Neither: the names sound similar, that's all.  The names sound similar.  

Young vegetarian cooks are often told that tofu is a food which will absorb the flavors of anything it is cooked with, "like magic!"  This is a vicious lie, designed to drive novices away from the vegetarian lifestyle.  Tofu is damn near inert when unprocessed, and requires freezing, boiling, compressing, stretching on a rack, or rolling downhill in a nail-studded barrel before it will become porous to flavor.  This recipe takes advantage of the relative impermeability of tofu to create a pleasing variance of color in the sausages, similar to real ground chozo.  I mean chuck, ground chuck.