About Game Foodie

This is a blog in which I try to cook food from video games.  If it is in a game and you can eat it, I'm going to cook it.  

I am a vegetarian, for the most part, and so the food on this blog is vegetarian.  I understand that some people are gonna want to cook with meat, in which case I wish you the best of luck.  Some of these are veggie-ized meat recipes to begin with, so they shouldn't be too hard to adapt, but be advised that cooking times will change in potentially unpredictable ways.  Generally, the meat substitutes I use simulate pre-cooked meat, if that's helpful.  I disavow all responsibility for any food poisoning incurred while making substitutions to these recipes. 

As to being unable to find certain ingredients, I direct you to the Cook's Thesaurus, which is a generally excellent resource for the young or experimental cook.